Package Mechani glove,drill bit set,wrench set.New
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Package Mechani glove,drill bit set,wrench set.New

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Hey im selling 3 items ,im hoping to sell them alltogether as a packge deal but im okay with selling them separately as well. I have a brand new still sealed in packaging, Cobalt 100 piece drill bit set, has a life time warranty, has the ability to drill thru ferrous metals & non ferrous metals, extremely durable. It was purchased from Canadian Tire for 120$. Also a 7 piece gear wrench locking flex head ratcheting wrench set, lifetime warranty,metric,72 tooth ratcheting box end needs as little as 5°sweep to move fastener. Service drive box end eliminates rounding of fasteners.Made from chrome and vanadium steel 4 superior durability& long life 180° locking flexible head lets u lock the flex head at any desired angle.Purchased from Canadian Tire for 200$. And a new pair of M-mechanixwear D30 impact protection mechanic/trade work gloves. These gloves are high quality,& wont come apart on u, they have a 1 year warranty. They absorb vibrations & impacts making work alot easier on your hands.No need to worry about hands slipping when using tools & banging them up, or accsidental drops & pinches, these work gloves do there job nd do it great.They arnt bulky & hard to work with at all & r nicely form fitting, letting u get into small spaces, and get precision skilled jobs, handling very small parts,wires,ect done fast, safe & to the best of ur ability. They were purchased for 100$ & tags still on. All 3 if bought together asking 140$ , seperate 40$ each, awesome deal

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