Halloween Nintendo Mario Boo Ghost Piñata Party Smashers
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Halloween Nintendo Mario Boo Ghost Piñata Party Smashers

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PINATA DETAILS FOR THIS PIÑATA: - 22" x 14" - Holds 0.25 lb of candy/sweets - Has a red ribbon to hold - Loot door is on top WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED: - Hitting Stick - Toys - Candy What’s different about mine than other piñatas? I use gluten free paper mâche mix, I use a minimum of 3 layers and I provide stickers* so all kids can be included. © COPYRIGHT and ™ TRADEMARK: I do not claim ownership of the characters being used. My PPS (Piñata Party Smashers) are meant to be for one use only and cannot be resold. It adds life to a celebration. These images and 3D pieces that I’ve made are not a licensed product and I do not own any ownership over these above characters but rather all copyrights and trademarks of the characters used belong to their respective owners and are not being sold for commercial use. * Stickers vary from 5 to 25 depending on the size. Thank you. You may text, message me on instagram or email me for custom ones.

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