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Message the seller :

12 days ago

Thanks for noticing my post I hope you are having a great day and night I have women's jeans and jackets footwear hats purses dresses well the list goes on and on and on lol take ur time and let you know when you get a chance if you see something or somethings that you are interested in :) Condition: New

Olivia Rose dresses Ottawa, K2E 5T9
Patrick Ewing Ottawa, K2C 2J6
3 months coat set Ottawa, K2V 0A3
Men's Jordan Shoe Socks Gatineau, J9J 2B2
Girl dress size 6/7 Gatineau, J8T 5N7
Blue dress shirt Ottawa, K1Z 6E9
Large scarf Gatineau, J8T 5G1
100 Wool mens scarf Gatineau, J8T 5G1
Beautiful scarf Gatineau, J8T 5G1
Cardigan mohair Gatineau, J8T 5G1
New jacket size Small Gatineau, J8T 5N7
Larger scarf Gatineau, J8T 5G1
Floral Print Tank Top  Ottawa, K2C 3H2