NEW Tournament Bristle board
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NEW Tournament Bristle board

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NEW Tournament Bristle board ITEM IS IN RANCHLANDS NW ASK ABOUT OKOTOKS DELIVERY NEW Tournament Bristle board * Measures 18 Inch in diameter and 1.25 Inch thick * Made of high-quality sisal fiber * Great for rec rooms, man caves, pool halls and more Retail $70.00 @@@@@@@@@@@@ ONLY $29.99 @@@@@@@@@@ WILL CONCIDER ANY REASONABLE OFFER ***ITEMS that are marked as New could have been in store display Models,Discontinued product, Overstock Items , Shipping Damage boxes , non delivered item or minor damaged ( which will be described in the ad ) If in the extremely RARE Occurrence Item sold is found to be Damaged ( that was not described before sale) , Missing pieces or Not working as presented contact Me and if deemed necessary i will discount or refund your expense . SEE MORE ITEMS IN MY GROUP PAGE OR [PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN]

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