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Multifunctional saw

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France Lurem Construction Bare with me as I list some of the features of this saw(everything is in french so I’ve had to translate) - Planing - slotting - Top Vertical - circular saw - Saw carriage and a profiler - sharpening machine - wood tower - sanding device It takes 240 Volts Approximate net weight of the whole saw is 628 pounds. Purchase and Manufactured date is unknown This saw belonged to my grandfather who used it to make many pieces of furniture. We hope we can find someone who will cherish this piece and use it for what it’s good for - our family is learning to just let go as we are not using it to it’s fullest potential He used it almost right up until he passed. My Dad last used the saw in 2015 to cut some wood - but it hasn’t been used since. We are unable to show you how the machine works at our place as we don’t have access to 240 volts. Many parts are included with the saw - as well as a catalogue book from when it was first purchased, instruction and diagram manuals, and pamphlet. However they are all in french..

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