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Mobility scooter w/drivetrain of power scooter

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We replaced controller with one from emmo monster. Less than 1/2 price true comparable daymak 60v trike thats speed governed. It is insanely fast, overclocked even at 60v.20ah must accelerate slowly or this rocket can be dangerous. Goes 45-50 km/h Has full street legal lighting... signals hi/lo beam horn 3 speeds. Corners like a stable vehicle. Not your 6 year old's tricycle. Not your grandfather's trike either. perfect for mobility challenged individuals who still want the power to pass other pedestrians or scooters Digital display. New paint matte black wih invisible refletive spray for nightriders. Price is firm. RARE all clocked-up like this compare to,.. New rickshaw King is $2800+tax with speed limiter on just because its new Youve been warned...its fast and hard to tip over. King of mobility scooters