Mobile Controller (Works with ANY game!)
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Mobile Controller (Works with ANY game!)

23 days ago

Bluetooth Gaming Controller from iPega. Only selling today since i love this controller but i need something else right now. -Controller has been updated and now has "Direct Play" meaning you can map your own buttons without 3rd party softwares so you wont get banned on Pubg, Call of duty etc. Works just like switch controller -R3, L3 buttons -R2, L2 buttons Has 2 modes: **Game mode (X+home button) meaning it will connect as a regular controller for regular controller supported games(2k20, Asphalt 8 etc) **Direct Play mode (R1+Home) which I explained above. You won't find a controller like this that works for ever mobile game including ones that dont support controller. I spent hours dealing with upgrading of this controller but it's truly one of a kind. Condition: Like new Condition: Like new

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