Mission Audio M-Isphere Mini Dune 2.0 Stereo Speak
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Mission Audio M-Isphere Mini Dune 2.0 Stereo Speak

5 days ago

$599 MSRP ORIGINAL PRICE Up for sale is this beautiful, powered/amplified stereo speaker system, as new, all cables, accessories, unused wall mounts, instruction manuals included. Everything that came with this set is included and in pristine, unused condition. Product details Product Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 17 cm ; 3.18 Kg Shipping Weight: 4.4 Kg Support a piano teacher trying to make it in San Francisco, and consider my auctions! Mission moved away from the traditional speaker enclosure with the M-iSphere and M-iSphere mini - hemispherical - designed speakers which contain a single driver engineered to create detailed and complex sound pressure radiation patterns. M-iSphere is the first of Mission’s products to utilize its Linear Reproduction Technology (LRT) - compared to other speaker systems that include a ‘crossover’ to split the frequency, LRT allows a single driver to reproduce a completely linear response to ensure that what comes out of the speaker is exactly the same as what came in. Comes with Class-D Digital Amplifier Built-in USB, music can easily be transferred using lossless sound files, with its integrated USB DAC that flawlessly translates various music formats into amplified stereo audio signals. Includes: 2 fixed table stands, 2 wall-mount brackets, USB cable, RCA cable, 1 pair of speaker cables.

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