• Huge Oushak rug 799e4cab-3f95-473d-acbd-effec14dada0
  • Huge Oushak rug a05bd3dc-023c-45f1-a8a5-33a895927f81
  • Huge Oushak rug f7c222e4-7aa1-4ca6-9b42-398362ba9596
  • Huge Oushak rug d70e4af6-dada-4f6c-a4be-33a0f4753e02
  • Huge Oushak rug 5079c531-ac70-41ce-8d41-cf6281be4b9b

Huge Oushak rug

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1+ month

This 10’x8’ gorgeous Oushak rug is a show stopper. You can see the quality from the pattern clarity on the back. The natural dye resists staining and wear. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal. We’re moving soon and prefer to not take this with us

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