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Handmade card

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Quilling Card - Simply lovely card for Mom - Spring greeting cards Quilling Floral Card - 3D Handmade Card - Quilled flowers card.Springs beautiful Flowers .Any Occasion If you are looking for a original handmade greeting card for someone you love, please, have a look at this quilling card! It would be great to give a beautiful message in a special way. It's the perfect choice, if you want to make unique gift for Mother's Day. This beautiful paper card is decorated with quilled spring flower. This quilling card is handmade by me with lots of love and patience. This card is sure to be treasured as a keepsake forever.i m taking custom orders Starting price-$30 Follow & Like My Facebook & Instagram page. Instagram.com/realquillingart https://m.facebook.com/quilling.art.528?ref=bookmarks Thank you!!!

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