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Exotic Terrarium/Tank

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I am selling a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted exotic terrarium. Outside is elegantly designed made from a very decent grade of wood. The unit was built in a very solid construction. As long as the piece exists in a suitable environment and climate, it will last lifetimes. Its in great condition. The inside walls and floor are completely sealed with a plexiglas casing to protect the wood from damage due to internal elements depending how the terrarium is used. Electricals are built into the top giving the owner plenty of inside lighting options depending how they wish to use the terrarium ( whether be homing reptiles or plants/vegetation ). Interior outlets for lighting provide for 2 tube light bulbs and 2 regular bulbs ( on/off switches are on the top of unit ). Side of terrarium has a ventilation option if one wishes to funnel warm air from outside to the inside with a heater of some sort ( fine cross-guard caging sealed to prevent any pet to escape ). The front of the piece consists of two tracked gliding/floating glass windows with knobs for entry that open lengthwise along the terrarium. All accessories in pictures including the stand the terrarium sits on are incorporated in this purchase plus extras which aren't in the pictures. Dimentions Of The Terrarium Are As Is: Outside - 70"L x 22"D x 39"H Inside - 66"L x 18"D x 33"H

Exotic Terrarium/Tank in Riverview


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