Espro 32oz coffee/tea press
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Espro 32oz coffee/tea press

26 days ago

Espro 32oz Fantastic coffee press Makes a great clean coffee. I'm very particular about my coffee so when I make it I reach for this. I have the smaller version and this one doesn't get used at all. I've had it since February and it has been used only a few times. If you’ve done you’re homework on this you’ll know that this is the best one available. Features: High quality Scott glass to keep the heat and is quite durable. Best glass possible Safety hook so it doesn't slip out of the holster. No other brand has this safety hook feature. Double filters makes for a clean brew. Also included are some disposable filters you can add for triple filtration. Comes apart for easy cleaning Instructions included. Check it out on amazon, there is a great description of it. Sells for $100+tax Condition: Like new

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