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Eavestrough Cleaning

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When was the last time you had your eavestrough cleaned? For optimal performance troughs should be cleaned every spring and fall! The eavestrough on your home or rental property collects rainfall and diverts it from the house. Unfortunately it also collects leaves, branches, pine needles, shingle debris, moss, and animal feces. If there is too much collection of these items, it can mean big trouble for your roof, soffit, and fascia, which can be very costly to repair! Routine maintenance is much easier and cheaper! Additionally, poorly maintained eavestrough can lead to basement flooding, cracks in your foundation, soil erosion, dry-rot, paint damage, window and door damage, and mold. This is exactly why maintaining your eavestrough is of such major importance. If you have sagging trough, holes, or clogs (often debris from nearby trees such as leaves, twigs and mulch), getting your eavestrough cleaned and fixed is imperative. Services Available: • EAVESTROUGH CLEANING Reliable service and reasonable rates. • MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS Many years of experience and the tools necessary to keep your troughs functioning smoothly. • JUNK REMOVAL Removal of household items. • FREE ESTIMATES For all inquiries and questions please call or text Mike at (Phone number hidden by letgo)

Eavestrough Cleaning in Victoria


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