Do you want to make money and save money?
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Do you want to make money and save money?

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DO YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY and SAVE MONEY? I WILL TO HELP YOU The company Financial Group Canada is looking for part-time ... (not recruit tourists) Request: -You are 18 to 67 years old. - Have PR or Citizen -Have SIN (SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER) -DON’T NEED TO KNOW TOO MUCH ENGLISH. -2 hours ( Tuesday ,Thursday ,Saturday). - You will be training for free and licensed by ICBC. Welcome to our company. You will not regret ..cooperating and working for our company. Maybe then you will thank because We will help you have a stable and high income. If you have any questions please send to our email or phone [SỐ ĐIỆN THOẠI BỊ ẨN] (Jolie Le) [SỐ ĐIỆN THOẠI BỊ ẨN] (Steven Chau after 7:00pm) Email: [EMAIL BỊ ẨN]

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