Diecast firetruck
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Diecast firetruck

18 days ago

Pierce Velocity 75' Hal Frisco 1:50 scale limited edition( 525 only) Museum quality replica Mint condition with orginal books and comes with certification of authenticity. Hal frisco #606... This next info is copy and pasted from a diecast website with full description of the beauty..  MODEL DIMENSIONS: (approximate) Length: 9" (305mm) Width: 1.96" (50mm) Height: 2.82" (72mm) Weight: 1.25 lbs BOX DIMENSIONS: Length: 13" Width: 6.5" Height: 5.25" The working, pivoting, poseable and extendable ladder is, naturally, the model’s big “ta-da”, and it does put on a heck of a show. The three-section mast stretches to sixteen and a half inches at full extension; below it, a series of three steel sleeves emulate the motion of the water pipe below the unit, while the balcony at the ladder’s foot rotates along with the tree-topper against a series of detents. Beneath it all is a steel-walled galley with a handful of totes and 5-gallon solution buckets, lined up and ready for use. Though the ladder on this sample had a hard time supporting itself in any position except full-up and out, having the model on the table with its outriggers out, the screw-down “feet” lower. Just all around remarkable display piece Thanks for check out my ad Check out my other listings....i have plenty more stuff and much more comin

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