Capresso 595.05 Ceramic Burr Grinder
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Capresso 595.05 Ceramic Burr Grinder

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8 days ago

The item is new in the box\ or doesn't show signs of use. The Capresso 595.05 is an affordable ceramic burr coffee grinder designed to deliver consistent, uniform grinding. Whether you drink drip or espresso, the grinder has 17 fineness settings that support preparation methods ranging from French press to espresso. The hopper on the 595.05 holds up to 6oz of whole beans and is marked with 4 - 16 cup measuring increments. The hopper is also easily removable for access to the burrs and the grinder comes with a cleaning with a cleaning brush that can stored in the back of the machine when not in use. When the hopper is empty or removed the grinder's safety auto shut-off will trigger to prevent the burrs from turning. As a safety feature, the grinder will automatically shut off when the bean hopper is removed or empty. The bean hopper holds up to 6 oz of whole bean coffee and can removed for easy access to the burrs for cleaning. The sides of the hopper are marked with 4 - 16 cup increments for easy measuring. The high quality ceramic burrs help to ensure consistent and even grinding with durable construction for lasting longevity and use. Whether you're grinding for drip, espresso, or anything in-between, the 595.05 has 17 grind settings to accommodate your preferred preparation method. The grinder is capable of grinding for French press and pour over as well. Find me at least one add, with cheaper price on the same item - and ill make it cheaper than that!