beading supplies/jewellery
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beading supplies/jewellery

28 days ago

I have a large amount of jewelry supplies left over from my jewellery line ( there was a large theft) and then a couple months ago I was jumped in Mayfield and part of the after math to injuries is loss use of half my right hand (it was on crime stoppers last week on global ) and I just dont have it in me to start over again . So looking to move the supplies. . Most of the stuff is either taken from vintage jewellery or bought from the bead rock store that used to be by Ikea and ordered from local vendors on Etsy with in there cities. . There are wood metal glass Swarovski Crystal freshwater and saltwater Pearl and gemstone beads. . There's also supplies for beating them such as hemp wire clasps chains Etc. . And then there's a bunch of jewellery as my line with sustainable I used to recycle vintage jewellery and such so I have several jars of jewellery jars But here are some examples. Fresh water pearls (various sizes and colors) Salt water pearls Pendants : gemstone, scarab, glow in the dark glass (various colors) ect. Japanese seed beads (various colors ) Chinese Rondelle beads (various colors ) Swarovski (various colors) Gemstone/bone (various sizes and types and classes ) some examples are: 3 kinds of tourqouis, 4 kinds of tigers eye, 3 kinds of jade, hematite, ruby, sapphire, various agate, moonstone, lava stone, amethyst, various kinds of quartz, gold stone, lapis ect Condition: New

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