Assorted toy figures (cheap!)
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Assorted toy figures (cheap!)

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$5- Set 1 DC: Superman, Batman, joker, cyborg $10- Set 2 Marvel: iron man, captain america, thor, hulk, black panther, black widow, winter soldier $5- Set 3 Ninja turtles: Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello $10- Set 4 Star Wars: Chewbacca mini figure, chewbacca, Kylo ren, yoda keychain, c3pO keychain, droid keychain, Han Solo keychain, R2D2 keychain, mace windu keychain, and 2 replica ships from the series (does not include Mickey Mouse) $5- Set 5 Transformers, Megaman, Vile, The Walking Dead zombie Other stuff $5- Hulk gloves $5- Into the spider verse trading card pack (unopened) $10- Spider-Man trading cards from the late 80’s $20- Mickey Mouse mystery mini Condition: New

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