6-8 vtech car sets
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6-8 vtech car sets

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29 days ago

We have 3 large black garbage bags full of vtech tracks and sets . Theres between 6 to 8 sets in the bags (bags are mixes of all sets) then theres a few pieces and cars not bagged yet ! Some of it needs to be wiped down(wont be doing this as we have alot to go threw and clean now, however theres like 8 pieces needing a wipe) . Most of it was bought with in the last 6-12 months and some randome pieces are up to 7 years old (like 5-6 pieces) and still work and in great condition . Theres a few more cars then posted but still looking for those while cleaning out other toy bins . All cars but 1 work(work as in makes noises and lights up) a few have new batteries and a few have just recently died and battries havent been changed yet. We are REFUSING to seperate MUST take all !! Delivery possible on weekends for an extra $10 unless in a close enogh distance

6-8 vtech car sets in London


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