21 Hulk 1990s comics
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21 Hulk 1990s comics

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* have posted ads for other comics - please READ entire ad BEFORE replying (click on "show more" tab) * Hi.  Selling some comic books I bought decades ago, put in shoeboxes, forgot about, and recently found in a closet.  Each was purchased already bagged, most with a cardboard backing.  Except for the ones I purchased in multiples, all were read once or twice and put back in the bag. Btw, if you're a neat freak or a collector, you may want to re-bag some of the comics: the staff of the store at which I purchased most of them taped the back of the bags in which they put the issues they deemed as future collectibles, so I had to pull off the tape to read them :/  Just checked US ebay & two American comic book price guide sites and have listed mine for just 30-40% of their high very good to low near mint prices for quick sales.  All prices are firm.  This ad is for: 21 Incredible Hulk comics from the early 1990s, including Infinity Gauntlet crossovers, a 3 part series with the Punisher, and stories featuring The Juggernaut, The Leader, and The Abomination.  Issues include: - Incredible Hulk Annual #17 (1991) - Incredible Hulk #383 (1991) to 390 (1992), incl two #385s - four copies of issue #393 (1st printing, 1992) - # [PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN] ) - two copies of #400 (1st printing, 1992) - #402 - two copies of #403 (1993) Asking just $40 for all 21 comics. Firm. Pick up only. Please click on the yawning cat image to view my other ads.

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