1936 Flathead 4 stroke engine
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1936 Flathead 4 stroke engine

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25 days ago

1936 Briggs and Stratton model Y engine. This engine is a rare gem. It was manufactured in 1936 when the hit and miss engine was still king. This is one of the first 4 cycle engines ever Made. It has no throttle. Just a fuel mix screw that will increase or decrease the rpm of the engine by adding more or less fuel. The only "throttle" you have is the choke flapper on the carb intake. The engine runs at a Max of 1800 rpm and produces 3/4hp at Max rpm. This engine starts on first or second kick. has a useable gas tank with zero holes or leaks was going to use it on a mini bike or go-cart. but its to nice to slop it onto a bike or cart. very unique and rare engine. not to many of them left in the world let alone Canada where it would have been imported way back in 1936 price is 350$ firm to own this unique one of a kind engine