1500+ channels
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1500+ channels

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Live TV channels for $15/month 7 day money back guarantee! Call [PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN] for more info! Why us? • #1 Customer Service • Plug n Play, we ship it to you and it’s ready to watch! • 2500+ Channels and growing! • FREE home delivery on select products • All android boxes, Amazon Fire Tv, Roku can be used for IPTV • Flexible payment options such as cash, etransfer, credit card, etc Don’t already have a box? No worries Choose from the boxes below with free delivery • HK1 - $84.99• Mag322w1 - $114.64• BuzzTV - $149.99 (2GB RAM,8GB Internal Memory, Enhanced PVR, Android 7.1) IPTV Subscription with 3 options • $15/month • $80 for 6 months (10% off) • $144 for 12 months ( 20% off) Have access to everything including: ▶English channels in HD ▶Sports channels in HD ▶Kids channels in HD ▶Movie channels in HD ▶Afghan, Arabic, Bangla, Cricket, Filipino, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and much more! Call us anytime at [PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN] or visit

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1500+ channels in Brampton


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